It goes without saying that if you want to speak crisply and articulately and truly engage your audience, you have to have something to say!   Not only that... you need to capture their attention with your opening words, keep them captivated throughout, and leave them remembering clearly what you said.  

Too many presentations are afflicted by poor planning and poor visuals. The audience pays attention for a few minutes then retreat to their mobile phones.  As much as we hope that the next presentation will be different, they rarely are!

So how do you distil reams of information into a cohesive presentation?  How do you identify your key message and make it stand out, loud and clear?  How do you use storytelling techniques to engage the heart as well the brain?  How do you avoid losing your audience in your opening seconds with housekeeping and an agenda?!  How do you maintain interest throughout and close your presentation so people remember you and your message? 

We can help!


  • Structure any presentation to have maximum impact and clarity.
  • Deliver with greater confidence because you know your content is engaging and well structured.
  • Ensure you start with a bang!  Saying something in your opening seconds that has the audience on the edge of their seats.
  • Understand classic storytelling principles and how this can be used to engage, because stories speak to the heart, where facts speak to the brain. 
  • How to keep audience attention using sign-posting techniques.
  • Understand the core principle of 'less is more' and why this is integral to success. 
  • Appreciate how to close off a presentation with confidence and authority, rather than having it fizzle out without any power or oomph!
  • Understand that content must come first, and visuals second (not the other way round!).   
  • Above all, take away a template for structuring any form of communication that can totally transform the way you communicate, forever.

Workshop Details

Content consultancy can be included within the Presentation and Communication Skills workshop, or as a standalone project.  We can help you with a  specific presentation or pitch or provide the tools and frameworks for you to use across each and every presentation you'll ever do.