We all know that good customer service drives sales, cross-sell, loyalty and great reviews. Why then do so many businesses fall short? This engaging and interactive workshop looks at the simple skills required to deliver an exceptional and memorable customer experience. At its most basic, it’s about how to have a good conversation… but for some that’s harder than it seems.

The Delivering Exceptional Customer Service program looks at why customer loyalty is declining in today’s digitised and commoditised market and focuses on the skills needed to hold genuine and value-adding customer conversations. It provides practical tips and tools to help anyone in a frontline position that is dealing with customers face to face, on the phone or via websites and social media. Whatever type of business you’re running, this workshop will deliver value.   


  • Understand why loyalty is declining and how businesses can respond to reverse the trend

  • Understand what good and bad customer service looks like - and the impact it can have

  • Know what customers want in terms of being heard, understood and cared for

  • Understand the importance of first impressions and recognise how unconscious bias can impact behaviours

  • Practice the communication and listening skills required to hold genuine customer conversations.

  • How to identify cross-sell and new business opportunities

  • How to build trust and retain customer loyalty

  • How to handle resistance, complaints and dissatisfied customers

Workshop Details

Delivering Exceptional Customer Service can be delivered to small and large groups, as needed. It is best when delivered to smaller groups, as this facilitates greater interactivity and sharing of thoughts, experience and ideas. Role plays can also be incorporated when numbers are lower. We will always engage in detailed consultation prior to any delivery, to ensure all content is 100% aligned with your desired learning outcomes.

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