persuading & influencing 

Now, more than ever, professionals in organisations need to develop and enhance their skills at leading and influencing others without direct authority.   Effective influencing is about affecting change in a positive way that preserves and enhances your relationships with others.  It's becoming more important as organisations move towards flatter structures and seek to improve responsiveness to customer demands and create efficiencies.  In this environment, the need to be able to influence fellow team members is now an essential survival skill.

Persuading & Influencing Others is designed to help people influence others in situations such as:

  • The need to win buy-in for initiatives or encourage change within or outside their organisation.

  • The need to influence organisations featuring a myriad of stakeholders, silos, and competing interests.

  • The need for a support function to build good working relationships with and add value to the sometimes cynical business units they service.

  • The need for a manager to be a better leader by communicating more effectively.

  • The need for those without seniority or positional power to influence others.

  • The need for less experienced people to be more confident and influence the more senior and experienced people they have to deal with.


As a result of the programme, participants can expect the following types of outcomes that will ultimately help your organisation achieve its goals:

  • Universal buy-in for required change or important initiatives.
  • Stronger stakeholder relationships.
  • Greater collaboration and collective buy-in to an agreed action plan and outcome.
  • Greater credibility with senior stakeholders and perceived leadership ability, building personal profile and brand.
  • Less resistance to ideas and propositions, and an improved ability to handle resistance should it arise.
  • Great confidence, credibility, brand and profile.


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Workshop Details

The Persuading & Influencing Others programme is ideally suited to audiences of up to 8 participants.  The suggested format is a 2.5-day program configured as follows:

  • 1 day group workshop attended by all participants. The fundamental concepts, frameworks and techniques are introduced and practiced through a series of practical exercises using the participants own ”live” influencing scenarios; then

  • 1.5 days of 2-hour coaching sessions attended by participants in pairs on the days immediately after the workshop. This allows us to provide tailored coaching to individuals on their own situations and challenges. These sessions also involve video/audio recording and feedback, with a focus on personal credibility, confidence and conviction.