pitching for business

In a commoditised world, differentiating yourself, your team and your services is becoming even more challenging.   Yet even though the stakes are invariably higher, very often insufficient time and thought goes into preparation.  The result is an unrehearsed, generic presentation, full of jargon, that displays little customer understanding.

Roman philosopher Cicero said: “In order to persuade me, you must think my thoughts, feel my feelings, and speak my words”.  Never have these words been more true than they are today.   Winning a business development pitch isn’t just about creating a compelling and differentiated customer value proposition that delivers to the customer’s rational needs - it’s also about connecting on an emotional level.  After all, people buy people first.  

These themes are key to our challenging The Winning Pitch workshop.  Think business presentation skills on steroids.   The program focuses on the key success factors that will bring you deal success.  First, how to prepare and create client-focused value, articulated as a ‘win-theme’ that establishes your deep knowledge of the customer and an ability to partner with them.  Secondly, on ensuring the pitch team has the collective communication skills to deliver with influence, credibility, assurance and authenticity.   


  • Develop a strategy that uniquely differentiates their pitch

  • Understand the need for personal rapport, empathy and customer understanding

  • Create a persuasive and compelling value proposition that instantly resonates

  • Structure presentation content into an engaging pitch that maintains constant, undivided attention

  • Confidently deliver a focused pitch that has significant personal impact and credibility

  • Demonstrate teamwork and present a unified approach

  • Use tools such as notes and visual aids effectively and with maximum impact

  • Handle questions with confidence and composure

Workshop Details

The Winning Pitch program is ideally suited to small audiences of between 4-6 participants, or as individual coaching.   Application to the real world is important, ideally using your own pitch scenario material.   It’s also highly interactive with hands-on practice, using video for feedback.

We will always engage in detailed consultation prior to any delivery, to ensure all content is 100% aligned with your desired learning outcomes and the participant’s needs.