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It’s ironic that PowerPoint was created to enhance presentations, yet it has evolved to the point that it usually destroys the effectiveness of the communication process.   Rather than using slides to visually reinforce their key messages, we frequently see speakers using multiple, wordy slides as their script or notes, to the point that the slides distract attention away from what’s being said and the speakers themselves.  

Moreover, the slides themselves are often poorly constructed.  With too many words, overly complex language or diagrams, multiple fonts, colours and images, and even wild animation.  The net result is the audience is completely overwhelmed with information and can’t remember a single thing when they leave the room!

That’s not how it should be …  and it isn’t hard to surprise and delight your audience by using your slides differently.

The Power of PowerPoint program will transform the way you feel about visual aids such as PowerPoint – and above all, the way you use them, to achieve a much more positive effect. 



  • Structure presentation content before opening up PowerPoint

  • Create visually engaging slides that support and reinforce what’s being said

  • Direct and control audience attention to where the speaker wants it to be

  • Use Presenter View and other useful features to navigate confidently and smoothly through the presentation

  • Work with templates, slide masters and useful shortcuts to speed up the creation process and promote consistency

  • Design slides that are optimised for the format of the presentation, whether small or big screen projection, tablet or simply paper.

  • Take advantage of sophisticated animation to tell your story effectively

Workshop Details

There are two elements to The Power of PowerPoint workshop that can be tailored to your needs.   Firstly, the workshop will help you create and use visual aids effectively during presentations, to enhance the communication process.   Secondly, we will introduce some of the useful features and functionality that exist within PowerPoint to help you create slides faster and with greater ease and consistency.  This aspect of the program can be expanded as needed if more technical training is needed. 

This program can be delivered to small or large groups, as needed.  Ideally, participants should bring along their own laptops or tablets.  It should also be noted that the principles relating to the effective use of visuals are as applicable to other presentation software such as Prezi or Keynote as they are to PowerPoint.