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With the information now available, customers are much better informed - and as a result, they expect greater value when they do finally meet the service provider.  And if they don't get it, their decision will almost certainly come down to price - which neither they, nor the service provider want.   

What customers want is someone that can help them make the right choice - a navigator.  Someone that knows their desired destination in details, understands their motivators, and can help them get there.   Someone that's been on the journey before, knows the right route and the  potential hurdles.  Someone that knows when shortcuts are possible, or when the long way round is better.  And they want this person to do it in a calm, confident manner, creating a compelling vision of how the future will look.   

But how to be that navigator is the challenge now facing consultants, lawyers, accountants, financial planners and real estate consultants.  In fact, anyone in a professional services environment that needs to sell a differentiated value proposition in a commoditised world.

This is the essence of The Navigator value-selling programme.  It focuses on the challenges that the external environment now places on professional firms and gives them the skills, tools and frameworks to help them deliver the value their clients seek, determining the destination, recommending the best route, and then tracking progress as the journey unfolds.   


  • Understand the trends now occurring in the world of business development that require them to think and act differently.

  • Understand how their clients define value - and what the concept of value-selling is all about. 

  • Undertake a deeper and more valuable discovery process with their clients, to uncover their context, needs and motivators. 

  • Use a broader range of questioning techniques, including insights or high-gain questions that deliver two-way value.

  • Understand how to create a differentiated customer value proposition (CVP) at an individual and business level.

  • Understand and apply best practice in terms of client engagement skills -  including active listening.

  • Be able to communicate their proposition with impact, clarity and absolute credibility.     

  • Be able to handle questions with confidence and composure and deal with resistance to achieve genuine buy-in. 

  • Above all, to differentiate themselves - and their firm - through the quality of the dialogue they have with their clients.

Workshop Details

The Navigator programme is ideally suited to audiences of up to 8 participants.  It's delivered through interactive discussion and the presentation of best practice tools, models and frameworks. 

We will always engage in detailed consultation prior to any delivery, to ensure all content is 100% aligned with your desired learning outcomes and the participant’s needs.