What we do

Lionheart Consulting is a communication skills training consultancy, based in Queenstown, New Zealand.  

We offer a range of training and coaching solutions to help people from all backgrounds and levels of experience with their verbal and written communication skills.  

We help with both what you say (developing compelling and engaging content) and how you say it (to ensure you communicate with impact and clarity).

Our clients

Our clients range from individuals seeking to better their personal communication skills - for an upcoming event or for general daily use - to local and international businesses of any size and nature, whose staff need to present a favourable impression both internally and externally.  Being able to present, pitch and write in a clear, concise and impactful way can often be the winning difference.

We will go where our clients need us.   Whilst based in the beautiful town of Queenstown, our work can span the whole of the New Zealand home market, as well as international markets.  

Please just pick up the phone or email us, and we'll be happy to have a preliminary chat.


Duncan helped me build up my confidence in communication skills. With simple way of explanations, Duncan walked me through how to communicate with more impact and clarity. He spent time reviewing my work and giving me suggestions on my day-to-day tasks. He is very passionate about communication skills coaching and he is a great trainer. Thank you Duncan!
— Australia and New Zealand Bank (ANZ) employee

It was a top-notch course. I wish I’d attended years ago! Thanks for the tips and coaching. They are simple and basic, but the impact is SIGNIFICANT !!!!
— New Zealand senior company executive
You open up a new perspective in delivering presentation which is very compelling
— Australia corporate executive
It’s been great to learn from you and get positive feedbacks and tools to improve my presentation and communication skills. … this training will have a positive impact on many people.
— NZ financial services employee
I got the job! Thanks for all the advice, tips and techniques Duncan. They said it was one of the best interviews they’d had.
— Future Air NZ pilot in Queenstown