interview skills

Everyone knows that first impressions really count.  But the reality is that once you’re in the hot seat, it’s what you say - and how you say it – that will get you over the line.  Communication skills are a key differentiator in the selection process.  After all, would any employer deliberately choose a poor communicator if they had several candidates of equal technical ability to choose from?  

The Outstanding Candidate workshop will help you stand out from other job applicants and substantially improve your chance of being selected.  We'll show you what's working well for you when you're being interviewed and - most importantly - provide personal coaching to address what's not.   Whether it’s overcoming anxiety, presenting appropriate body language or vocal tone ... or a tendency to ramble!  

By preparing well and being confident in your communication skills, you’ll go into the room in far greater control, present a positive impression and have the composure and poise to steer the conversation in the direction you want.    


  • Improve their interview technique from start to finish

  • Plan and prepare appropriately to feel ready and confident

  • Handle questions with natural confidence and composure

  • Learn how to take control of your nerves and convey a confident manner

  • Communicate more effectively and present ideas for maximum effect

  • Handle difficult questions

  • Close out interviews professionally by knowing what questions to ask

  • Understand how to follow up the interview

  • Take advantage of sophisticated animation to tell your story effectively

Workshop Details

The Outstanding Candidate workshop is highly recommended for anyone attending a critical interview – for example, to gain acceptance to a school or university, your first job, or an important career milestone.  It is therefore best run as individual 1-on-1 coaching for a specific real-life situation, but the general principles can also be presented to larger groups.   

“I got the job! Thanks for all your advice, tips and techniques Duncan. They said it was one of the best interviews they’d had”
— Future Air New Zealand pilot in Queenstown.