presentation skills

There will be times in most people’s lives when they need to present information to an audience.  For some, it’s an everyday necessity.   The thought of giving a presentation or speaking publicly can be quite alarming to a novice.  Even experienced professionals can still feel nervous and not really know how to perform to their best ability. 

An understanding how effective communication takes place, combined with good planning and preparation, will help alleviate those fears.  Simple tools and techniques – and a bit of practice – can enable anyone,  of any age or experience, to engage an audience and present with natural confidence, clarity and impact. 

The Authentic Presenter program is therefore a must for anyone who really wants to connect effectively face to face.   It is our flagship program - a captivating and dynamic workshop that will change your preconceptions about what makes a memorable presentation.  It’s also highly practical, combining interactive discussion with individual practice and video replay-and-review.  


  • Feel significantly more relaxed and comfortable when required to present
  • Present confidently, professionally and entirely naturally, to audiences of all sizes
  • Prepare and structure presentation content that truly engages the audience
  • Demonstrate expertise through brevity – a less is more approach
  • Use notes smoothly and effectively
  • Control audience attention through the powerful use of visual aids
  • Use storytelling as a powerful opener and to bring ideas and concepts to life
  • Ensure the audience listens, understands – and remembers – all your key points
  • Control nerves, content and… above all, the audience.   

Workshop Details

The Authentic Presenter program is ideally suited to smaller groups of 4-6 participants.  Or if you have a big event coming up – a conference presentation, a best man’s speech, a community function … or an interview – individual coaching works really well too.  

We will always engage in detailed consultation prior to any delivery, to ensure all content is 100% aligned with your desired learning outcomes.