relationship management and client planning

Today’s clients are more demanding than ever.  They have data and information at their fingertips and expect more.  They want to deal with Relationship Managers that truly understand their businesses and who can proactively bring ideas and thought leadership to them, and solutions that 100% fit their situation and needs. 

The challenge in all industries is that it’s a commoditised market.  So the only way to differentiate your service offering against competitors is through the quality of the dialogue you have with your clients. 

You need to deliver greater value.  And this requires skills, tools and techniques – not only in how to handle, interact and sell to clients, but also in Account Planning disciplines.  

This programme closes this gap. In essence, it’s about talking about business strategy not talking about products and services. Through disciplined and effective planning and preparation, it’s about making the client’s concerns your concerns, and holding value-adding conversations with credibility, confidence and executive presence.


  • Build consistently strong, effective and disciplined Account Plans.

  • Prepare effectively prepare for meetings, giving the RM greater confidence and enhancing the productivity and outcome of the meeting.

  • Hold more strategic conversations with clients that demonstrate credibility and deliver two-way value.

  • Leverage a range of questioning techniques to uncover both business and personal needs and motivators.

  • Drill into the deeper implications of challenges or opportunities facing the client, which can then be factored into the final solution, pitch or proposal.   

  • Structure a compelling value proposition that grabs attention and delivers the specific (not generic) value that the client needs. 

  • Create and develop thought leadership to take to their client meetings.

  • Use effective ‘client engagement’ skills to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Workshop Details

Each business manages clients differently, using different CRMs, practices and methodologies. Each business also has people at different skill levels. So the Relationship Management & Account Planning workshop is entirely customised. The objectives above are therefore an indication of what may be covered. The precise content and duration will be tailored to your needs.